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12 Steps: Executive Overview
Step 1: Why Businesses Fail
Step 2: How to Know if Your Business is in Trouble
Step 3: Are You Prepared for the Task
Step 4: Turnaround Leadership
Step 5: Organizing Your Turnaround Team
Step 6: Stop the Bleeding (Cash)
Step 7: Problem  Diagnostics
Step 8: Marketing During the Turnaround
Step 9: Developing the Turnaround Plan
Step 10: Down-Sizing Staff
Step 11: Dealing with Creditors
Step 12: Financing During the Turnaround
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12 Step Turnaround Program 

Executive Overview 

Turnaround Step 1: Why Do Businesses Fail and What You Can Learn From These Failures
96% of all businesses that fail, do so because of this one reason, find out what the reason is.


Turnaround Step 2: How Do You Know That Your Business is in Trouble? 
You will get access to several easy to use financial assessment tools which will determine the degree of trouble your business is really in


Turnaround Step 3: Do You Really Have What it Takes to Turn Your Business Around?

Turnaround Step 3 contains a tool to determine if you are suffering from Burnout and what to do about it if you are


Turnaround Step 4: Crisis Leadership

Leadership during a turnaround is very different from "business as usual" leadership, find out how if differs


Turnaround Step 5 : Project Management & Your Turnaround Team

Project Management has been called the "premier skill" necessary for success in the 21st century. This section introduces this critical skill in the turnaround process


Turnaround Step 6: Stop Bleeding Cash

As a distressed business if you run out of cash the game is over since it will be very difficult to raise money through external loan & investment sources. This section shows you how to avoid this problem


Turnaround Step 7: Diagnosing Your Business Problems

You will learn about 1 very powerful tool that will simplify and speed up your problem diagnosis


Turnaround Step 8: Marketing During the Turnaround 

Many turnaround leaders have failed because they focused so much time and energy on the expense reduction side of fixing the system. Don't make that same mistake.


Turnaround Step 9: The Turnaround Business Plan

You will need a compelling story to convince customers, employees, and bankers to stick with you. This section tells you how to develop that story 


Turnaround Step 10: Reorganizing the Business
Typically reorganizing a business is a costly, complex and time consuming activity. Learn how to do it more effectively.


Turnaround Step 11: Dealing with Creditors

Do not let creditor pressures get the best of you, so you can focus on the main objectives of the turnaround.


Turnaround Step 12: Financing the Turnaround

As you take your business through a turnaround, external financing will be extremely difficult if not out right impossible to get. Find out how to internally generate funds.






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