Business Turnaround Assistance for Sick and Failing Companies
12 Steps: Executive Overview
Step 1: Why Businesses Fail
Step 2: How to Know if Your Business is in Trouble
Step 3: Are You Prepared for the Task
Step 4: Turnaround Leadership
Step 5: Organizing Your Turnaround Team
Step 6: Stop the Bleeding (Cash)
Step 7: Problem  Diagnostics
Step 8: Marketing During the Turnaround
Step 9: Developing the Turnaround Plan
Step 10: Down-Sizing Staff
Step 11: Dealing with Creditors
Step 12: Financing During the Turnaround
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Free Turnaround Program for
Distressed and Failing Businesses

My name is Bob Wood and I have been turning around distressed companies for over 15 years. (Click here for more about my background). I have designed and developed Critical Care for Companies™ to assist owners and senior managers of critically ill companies in turning these companies around. Turning a company around means doing whatever is necessary (without violating the laws of God and man) to move the business into recovery as evidenced by positive cash flows, paying off creditors and reducing the intense pressure that you and your organization have been under.


This site is designed for small to mid-sized businesses that are experiencing problems significant enough that the organizations very existence is threatened. At this moment you may be considering Chapter 11 bankruptcy or other drastic measures such as shutting down your business to solve your problems.


Typically, businesses falling into this category have been in a free-fall for some time. Perhaps you have been losing key accounts and key employees. Cash flow is negative and payroll may be difficult to make. You are finding that your attempts to borrow more working capital are next to impossible. Your financial statements (especially the balance sheet) are very weak.

If these conditions describe your business, then this website has been designed for you and your business problems. Critical Care for Companies® is a unique source of information unlike anything else you will find on the entire internet.


Please read the disclaimer information BEFORE you embark on your business turnaround program!!



A mistake in turning around your business can be very costly...


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