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12 Steps: Executive Overview
Step 1: Why Businesses Fail
Step 2: How to Know if Your Business is in Trouble
Step 3: Are You Prepared for the Task
Step 4: Turnaround Leadership
Step 5: Organizing Your Turnaround Team
Step 6: Stop the Bleeding (Cash)
Step 7: Problem  Diagnostics
Step 8: Marketing During the Turnaround
Step 9: Developing the Turnaround Plan
Step 10: Down-Sizing Staff
Step 11: Dealing with Creditors
Step 12: Financing During the Turnaround
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Please read this disclaimer information BEFORE you embark on your business turnaround program!!

The information presented at the Critical Care for Companies™ (CC4C) Website is for educational purposes only. It does not constitute legal, financial, tax advice. In fact, you must consult with a qualified lawyer and financial expert (CPA or CMA) before you embark on a turnaround plan for your business.

We at Critical Care for Companies™ and VKM, Inc. are turnaround consultants specializing in troubled businesses and large distressed information technology projects. We are neither lawyers nor  CPAs.

We at Critical Care for Companies™ and VKM, Inc. do not provide any tax related services, nor do we provide any tax advice or tax opinions. If you desire such planning you should contact a licensed tax attorney in your state. TAX EVASION IS A SERIOUS CRIME!

Prudence demands that you consult with an experienced professional licensed in your state before attempting any of the turnaround techniques described here. Additionally, the information given in this website is not meant to be a substitute for legal representation. You should consult with your local attorney regarding your suitability for the techniques stated here under your local laws.

Once again, Critical Care for Companies™ and VKM, Inc. presents this information for educational purposes only and you and only you are responsible if you choose to do anything based on what you read.





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